Wednesday, April 8, 2009

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Catching Up
By Anita McAnear

This article is about summer time and what the author uses summer time for in addition to the new programs that the Learning & Leading site has to offer for the upcoming school year. At first McAnear states what she uses summer for- catching up. I use it to forget all that happened the year before and rest my brain. There is no need for use to spend the time we have to relax doing things that stresses us out. She also talks about a new researched-based program for teachers has arisen and how it will make large advances in the use of technology in the classrooms. McAnear lists three articles that she believes are the most effective articles from that year. She feels like "Electronic Editing" by Leigh Zeitz is a very important article for teachers that are not extremely computer savvy to learn the basic tools the computer offers.
Q1: Why was this article written?
A1: Maybe to assess the previous months articles and the contributions authors have made to the website. On the other hand, it could have been a signing off article for the author.
Q2: What do you use summer time for?
A2: I use it for complete relaxation. The only commitment I have is to my job other than that I will spend most of my time at the beach or laying around. Can't wait!!

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