Friday, April 17, 2009


Podcasting the Classroom
by Brian Flanagan and Brendan Calandra

This article explains the benefits and previous trials regarding podcasting classroom activities. Podcasting is a technology that allows students to listen to recorded audio pieces such as a lecture or any type of information that can be auditorily listened to. All of the podcasts can be downloaded onto an MP3 player such as an IPOD as well. The article describes a trial run that was put on at Duke University in 2004 where the incoming freshmen were handed an IPOD that had a lot of necessary information recorded on it including orientation schedules, advise from current students, and a lot of other pertinent information incoming freshmen need to know. Additionally the podcasting technique was used throughout several classrooms on campus where instructors could record lectures as well as students being able to record projects of different sorts. There are several benefits to using podcasting technology in the classroom and this technology is very versitile as well. Music students can use podcasting to critique or memorize music whereas other students can record lectures containing hard material so they can listen to it again. Podcasting does not yet have a set up of technical support if something were to happen to an individual podcast but the system is still new so support is in the works.
Q1: why do we need this new technology when we have tape recorders?
A1: I don't think there is really a reason. As with most technology there is always a new software or an update that makes it bigger and better- same with the tape recorder: it is going out of style
Q2: Can video projects be recorded?
A2: I would assume it would depend on your MP3 players capability. If it is a video IPOD I would guess that you can record and playback that sort of media.

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