Friday, March 13, 2009

Blog Post #6

Remixing Chemistry Class
By Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams

This article is about a group of teachers that started a program using podcasting. The teachers film their lectures and make them available to students. These podcasts can be given to students that missed a class, or to students in the event of an absent teacher. Podcasts are also being used as homework. The teachers give the students a podcast of a lecture so that students can use class time for labs and other hands on work with teacher assistance. So far the podcasts have been proven to be helpful to students.
Q: How do all students get the technology to play the podcasts?
A: I'm not sure how all studnet will get the technology. Hopefully these podcasts can be played on a basic TV or computer
Q: Is it worth it to have the lectures as homework instead of other activities to test the students knowledge?
A: I disagree with this aspect. I don't think students should replace homework with podcast lectures. Homework shows teachers what they need to revisit in future lessons and how well their students are learning the material. I think the activities used as homework completed in class with teachers assistance is not necessarily effective.

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