Wednesday, February 25, 2009

blog post #4

Passport to Digital Citizenship

By: Mike Ribble

This article, “Passport to Digital Citizenship” written by Mike Ribble explains a conference that ISTE held to refresh teachers regarding new policies, tools, and techniques. At this conference, the ISTE updated the audience on a new policy regarding the internet and students’ usage of the technology put in the classroom. Also at this conference, ISTE introduced a new book titled Digital Citizenship in Schools. This book released the nine elements of digital citizenship. Some of these elements included the legal rights and regulations in terms of the use of technology, the privileges and freedoms of digital citizenship, and the risks attached to using the internet and technology. The elements help outline the ethical aspects as well.

Next the article explains a cycle of integration of technology into the classroom and how to use technology properly as well as educate students on the appropriate manner in which to use technology in the classroom. I found this article extremely interesting. Now that technology is such as large aspect in our lives, it is challenging to introduce the proper usage of technology to a new generation. Even the current technology users need an update on the ethical ways to use the internet as well as other technologies.

Q: Do students need to learn the basics in a classroom?

A: I don't think that it is necessary. These days everyone knows how to use the internet and I don't think that it is necessary to waste time in the classroom to teach them. It is important to teach the ethical aspect but not the basics.

Q: Is this conference a requirement?

A: I hope it is not a requirement, I would assume not, but it is different for every district. This meeting seems like it would be really long and dragging.

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